Peplink HD1 Dome

The HD1 Dome Pro excels in outdoor deployments, offering impressive speeds and versatile Wi-Fi capabilities. Its 5G modem, complete with embedded cellular antennas, ensures minimal cable loss and delivers superior signal quality for reliable connectivity.

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How can Peplink HD1 Dome help you?

With support for Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi as WAN, the HD1 Dome Pro optimizes network performance and offers flexibility as needed. Manage bandwidth costs efficiently and expand your network seamlessly while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity through SpeedFusion's hot failover options.

Featuring a simple yet versatile design, the HD1 Dome Pro provides various installation options. Equipped with an M35 screw mount and Ethernet splitter, it's effortless to mount on walls or poles. Alternatively, a straightforward Ethernet connection suffices for setup if mounting isn't necessary. 

Moreover, the HD1 Dome Pro enhances network efficiency with its PoE functionality. By connecting Peplink PoE routers, users can harness the power of SpeedFusion to create a high-bandwidth channel with straightforward failover. Alternatively, extending Wi-Fi range is made easy by connecting an external access point.