Peplink X Series

Combines the most powerful routing capacity with modular interfaces. Accepts different types of WAN, including upcoming technologies.

Peplink X Series is a line of powerful, modular and future-proof SD-WAN routers that can combine different types of WAN connections, including cellular, satellite and fixed line networks.

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Advantages of Peplink X Series

Future Proof Design: The Peplink X Series supports FlexModules, enabling you to customize the platform with your choice of ports, as well as instantly apply new technology as it will be released and available.

Performance Focus: The Peplink X Series can deliver up to 30 Gbps throughput, support up to 4000 VPN peers and 20 000 users.

Concurrent Multi-Network Connectivity: The Peplink X Series can combine the bandwidth of up to 24 cellular connections, supporting 48 SIM cards and providing gigabits of bandwidth on-the-go.

Wireless First SD-WAN: The Peplink X Series can leverage SpeedFusion technology to create a secure and reliable link over multiple cellular carriers, minimizing network blindspots and congestion.