Peplink MBX

The HD2/HD4 MBX boasts the ability to merge the bandwidth from 2 or 4 cellular links, creating a robust and high-speed SD-WAN connection. With the HD4 MBX, users can utilize up to 8 SIM cards initially, with an optional SIM Injector offering space for an additional 8 cards. This flexibility allows connectivity with up to 16 cellular providers, ensuring seamless coverage even in areas with unreliable signal strength.

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How can Peplink MBX help you?

The HD4 MBX supports the optional SIM Injector, further expanding connectivity options by accommodating 8 additional cellular providers. This effectively addresses areas with weak cellular coverage, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity. Moreover, for deployments spanning across national borders, the SIM Injector enables the loading of multiple SIM cards, eliminating concerns about roaming charges.

Straight out of the box, the HD4 MBX is equipped to handle Gigabit LTE. It also features a swappable cellular module, facilitating effortless upgrades to future technologies like 5G. With a throughput capability of 2.5Gbps, the MBX ensures an ample supply of bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet, 5G, or any forthcoming mobile advancements.