Peplink PDX

The Peplink Balance PDX is a compact and swiftly deployable router engineered to ensure stable and secure connectivity in remote environments. Featuring a quad-cellular router, cellular and GPS antennas, and integrated batteries, all encased in a rugged housing, it's built to withstand outdoor conditions effectively.

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How can Peplink PDX help you?

Designed for Rapid Deployment in Public Safety scenarios, the PDX enables quick establishment of robust communication links from emergency sites to headquarters. With built-in interfaces for WAN, LAN, and Wi-Fi, alongside cellular and GPS antennas, it's ideal for use in remote and dynamic situations, ensuring essential connectivity for Public Safety personnel. 

For Temporary Sites, the PDX offers instant connectivity upon deployment, leveraging up to 4x Gigabit LTE connections to deliver fast and reliable network access irrespective of location. This allows seamless transmission of project data, emails, plans, and blueprints between personnel, sites, and central headquarters, facilitating smooth operations even in transient environments.

Moreover, the PDX is adept at supporting Event Live Streaming and Connectivity requirements, with its 4x Gigabit LTE connections ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for events held anywhere. Featuring 7x 802.3af PoE ports for simplified device connectivity and power supply, along with customizable captive portal Wi-Fi supporting advertisements, the PDX ensures seamless event operations and robust connectivity for all attendees.