Peplink MAX

The Peplink MAX series encompasses a range of rugged and reliable mobile routers designed to meet the connectivity needs of users on the go. These routers are engineered to provide fast and seamless internet access in various mobile environments, such as vehicles, boats, and remote locations.

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    What are some Peplink MAX routers?

    Peplink MAX BR1 Series: The MAX BR1 series offers reliable connectivity for mobile and stationary applications. These routers feature multiple SIM slots for redundant cellular connections, built-in GPS, and SpeedFusion support for bonding multiple connections into a single high-speed link. They are ideal for fleet management, transportation, and remote office deployments.

    Peplink MAX Transit Series: The MAX Transit series is designed for use in vehicles such as buses, trains, and emergency vehicles. These routers provide rugged, high-performance connectivity with features like dual 4G LTE modems, simultaneous Wi-Fi and Ethernet WAN, GPS tracking, and external antenna options. They are suitable for mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, in-vehicle entertainment, and mission-critical applications.

    Peplink MAX HD2 Dome: The MAX HD2 Dome is a compact and weather-resistant mobile router designed for outdoor deployments. It features dual 4G LTE modems with redundancy and load balancing capabilities, along with integrated antennas for simplified installation. The HD2 Dome is commonly used in outdoor events, construction sites, and remote monitoring applications.

    Peplink MAX HD4 MBX: The MAX HD4 MBX is a high-performance mobile router designed for demanding applications that require fast and reliable connectivity. It supports up to four cellular connections with the option to expand to eight using an optional SIM Injector. The HD4 MBX also features swappable cellular modules, Gigabit LTE support, and PoE capabilities for extended functionality.

    Peplink MAX On-The-Go: The MAX On-The-Go is a compact and portable router designed for travelers and remote workers. It features dual-band Wi-Fi, built-in USB modem support, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for flexible power options. The MAX On-The-Go is suitable for use in RVs, boats, and temporary work sites.

    These are just a few examples of the products available in the Peplink MAX series. Each product offers unique features and capabilities tailored to specific use cases, providing users with reliable connectivity solutions for mobile and remote environments.