Peplink Antenna

Introducing Peplink’s range of antennas for different purposes and environments.

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Advantages of Peplink Antenna

  • 5G ready: Peplink antennas are compatible with 5G networks and can provide ultra-fast speeds and low latency.
  • IP68 rated and UV proof: Peplink antennas are designed to withstand dust, water, and UV exposure, making them suitable for harsh outdoor conditions.
  • B71 support: Peplink antennas support extended bandwidth range, including B71, which is a low-frequency band that can improve coverage and penetration.
  • High gain: Peplink antennas have high gain values, which means they can amplify the signal strength and reduce interference.
  • Multiple channels: Peplink antennas can support multiple cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS channels, providing versatile connectivity options.