Peplink Max Adapter

The small but mighty MAX Adapter aims to protect and reinforce existing Peplink products or Windows/Linux devices, making it the perfect solution for those wanting to access an additional 5G/LTE WAN.

Peplink MAX Adapter is a palm-sized portable cellular modem that can provide 5G or LTE connectivity to your devices. Whether your deployment is stationary or on the go, it’s sure to have the solution for you!

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Advantages of Peplink MAX Adapter

  • Built to last: Peplink MAX Adapter has a sturdy industrial-strength design that can withstand continuous high-traffic operation.
  • Redundant SIM slot and eSIM: Peplink MAX Adapter has two SIM slots and an eSIM, giving you more options to choose between different mobile networks.
  • Compatible with Peplink products: Peplink MAX Adapter can add an additional cellular WAN to your existing Peplink device that has a USB WAN port, enhancing its reliability and performance.
  • SpeedFusion Connect: Peplink MAX Adapter can use SpeedFusion Connect, a feature that allows you to create a secure and unbreakable VPN connection using cellular data.
  • Windows and Linux devices: Peplink MAX Adapter can provide 5G or LTE connectivity to your Windows or Linux devices on-the-go, making it ideal for mobile applications