Peplink Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi That Simply Works.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for any environment. Set up customized captive portals and manage your Wi-Fi network with ease using InControl.

Peplink WiFi is a solution that provides enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for any environment.

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Advantages of Peplink WI-Fi

  • Customized captive portal: You can set up your own branded splash page and offer special deals or promotions to your visitors.
  • Detail usage monitoring: You can use InControl 2 to track and analyze your Wi-Fi network performance, user behavior, bandwidth consumption, and more.
  • Zero touch provisioning: You can deploy and configure your Wi-Fi access points remotely and automatically using InControl 2.
  • Social Wi-Fi with Facebook login: You can let your visitors sign in easily using their Facebook account and get valuable demographic data and social media exposure.
  • 5G-ready outdoor antennas: You can boost your Wi-Fi signal and coverage with Peplink’s 5G-ready outdoor antennas that are designed for harsh environments.